Couples and Marriage Counseling

COVID-19 UPDATE: In-person visits are currently suspended per CDC recommendations. Telehealth visits are available. Contact the practice by phone at 207.749.9116 or by email at to arrange. Telehealth visits are delivered via computer browser or via app on smartphones or tablets.

For couples who want to foster greater communication, connection, trust, and intimacy in their relationships.

As relationships evolve, sometimes old ways of connecting and communicating no longer leave couples feeling satisfied.

In our sessions, together we look at:

  • Your needs and wants and what’s in the way of getting those needs met
  • The meaning of your relationship and beneficial ways of relating to each other
  • How you communicate and your blinds spots to effective communication and intimacy
  • Where you both get triggered emotionally and how you can better manage your reactions

My Approach

My approach to couples therapy is to be direct and interactive. I encourage each partner to take responsibility for how he or she is contributing to what’s not working. We look at how each of you has played a role in co-creating the relationship dynamics. We identify and understand how fears, projections, or signing may be interfering with each partner’s ability to connect in honest and open ways.

Take the First Step

Let’s explore how you can have the life and relationships you want. 207.749.9116 or
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